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Final Decree, Birth Certificates and Passports February 25, 2011

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Yay!  We received a call from Lucia on Wednesday morning at 10:30 saying that one of us had to be ready to go to court in 30 minutes…the judge was about to sign the final decree!  Andres, our driver, picked Nate up and they met up with Oscar, our attorney, at court just in time to see everyone leave for lunch.  So they waited for a while, and when the judge got back, he and Nate signed the decree!  That afternoon Nate, Andres and Oscar went all over Bogota (which is larger than NYC) to get corrected birth certificates for our children.  On those birth certificates, we are listed as their parents, and their names are now (get ready for it…) Maria de los Angeles Siefert Hamill, Maria Jose Siefert Hamill and Tomas Allan Siefert Hamill.  (Not sure how the in-laws feel about that….)  When we get home, we will re-adopt them in Wisconsin, and that´s when we´ll get WI birth certificates for them and get their names right: Angela Maria Siefert,  Josie Maria Siefert and Tomas Allan Siefert.

So then yesterday, we went to get the kids´passports.  The process here is amazing.  There´s a photo place just outside the passport office, so we went there to get their pics taken, and then took the pics into the office.  We paid a little money ($60 USD for all three), signed some papers and an hour later, walked out with the passports.  It was amazing!  We came back to the hotel and then in the afternoon, we went to the doctor.  He said the kids are healthy, even though the girls are quite small.  Today, one of us will go back to ICBF to get some Hague documentation (confirming that the kids are coming to us in an acceptable fashion – not through baby-buying, etc.).  The US embassy is closed today, so we will go there on Monday to get the kids´visas, which should be ready to be picked up on Tuesday morning.  At that point, we´ll be free to come home!  Our tickets are booked for Saturday and Sunday, and it won´t be worth it to pay to change our tickets to come home 2 days earlier.  So, we´ll just hang out here and do some fun things to enjoy Bogota before we leave.  We will fly out of Bogota on Saturday afternoon and land in Ft. Lauderdale at about 7pm.  Then we take the kids through immigration.  We´ll spend the night there in Florida, and then come back early Sunday morning.  We will be in Chicago at about 9am, which means the kids will have most of the day to explore their new home!  None of us can wait!

I should go….Josie is here asking me to read to her from her favorite book…..the Spanish-English Dictionary.  LOVE IT!


One Response to “Final Decree, Birth Certificates and Passports”

  1. Anna Heimiller Says:

    I’m so glad I decided to check your blog one more time to see if you had posted something…YEH you did!! Since I don’t facebook, it was so great to see the pictures of your beautiful children & get a summary of what has been going on! We’ll be praying for your last few days there & your travels home and adjustment here. Love, Anna H. & family

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